If you are commenting on the Zodiac guide read this

This site is officially retired. All content is wiped clean excepting the zodiac guide.

The satirical pages “Guide to men’s zodiac” were originally intended to point out the irrelevant ego-ticks of cis-men’s sun signs. It’s become, over the last five years, a sounding board for women (mostly) to ask advice and vent their desperate pleas for help. While there is truth within the humor, Sun signs are not Astrology. While my writing is relatable, accurate, and amusing, it was not imagined I’d be expected to reply to literally 1000s of comments and spend hours a day offering you further advice using only your sun signs and far too many personal details. I am flattered to be trusted with your information. I am honored you have related to my content.

I have not answered a single question on this site for over three years. There are two reasons for this 1. Many of these questions are the same but the commenter insists their situation is special. It was draining as hell to repeat the same advice over and over. With 1000s of comments, your answer is already waiting to be found. 2. I offered free advice. In the 6+ years this site has been up not one person has ever offered to donate for my time or website costs.

All y’all did was talk about your fears and expect a solution to be handed to you for absolutely nothing in return. When I suggested real natal chart readings to find solutions these comments were ignored. I even had a volunteer commenter who worked for over a year helping you all! He had to stop. No one cared to show gratitude for his time either. When I ignored comments I got emails. When I turned off comments, I got emails. How did my email address ever come into play for free Q & A sessions? I never gave it out.

I don’t do entitlement. I don’t do thankless work. If you have enjoyed this website it’s being left up for a few more months for you to connect with the other commenters you may be friendly with to exchange Facebook info or emails. This website’s days are limited to the time left in my hosting contract.

So, until the URL runs out this site will remain active. I have also deactivated editor approval for comments. So go wild! Because even though I’ve not participated in the conversation, I’ve protected so many of you from trolls, haters, and verbal lashings. Because even though none of you gave a shit about my time or feelings. I cared about yours.

Peace out!